They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Compare the eyes of children to the eyes of adults and seniors. The brightness seems to fade over time; they begin to dim. Somehow, I don’t think that cataracts are the only reason that eyes dim as we age. Some seniors still have that sparkle in their eyes.

Is the light of the soul dimming, withering, dying within some people? I’ve noticed the dimming effect to be present in those who have had an especially hard life. Look at old photographs. No one seems to have bright eyes. Life was hard. They worked hard. They struggled.

Today’s modern world is different. We work differently. Some worth through physical labor, while others use their mind. Depression is just as prevalent, if not more so, now as ever.

Many things can take a toll on our bodies, and inevitably our souls. Life is still hard. People still struggle. People have emotional difficulties. The eyes begin to dim. Are souls as tired as bodies, or even more?

I know that I am tired, very tired. This life has been hard. Sometimes I really wish that I hadn’t volunteered for this life. How full of myself I must have been to think that I had the strength to handle this life. “Oh, yeah. No problem. I’ve got this.”, I must’ve said to God. “Send me down to Earth. I know that I can be and do good. I know that I will stand strong until the end.”

God must’ve laughed at me. He must’ve said, “Okay, then. If you think you can handle it. I’ll see you…if you get back!” I don’t know, of course. I’m just guessing.

My light fades. My eyes dim. Will I be successful in my quest? What exactly was it again? I seem to have forgotten along the way and got caught up in this thing we call life; survival. Every now and again, I’m sure that someone puts a little fuel on my fire. Hope, that’s what that is. I don’t understand it, but maybe someday I will.


via Daily Prompt: Dim


8 thoughts on “Dim”

  1. Yes life is very hard! Indeed we all have our struggles and sometimes feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.
    To speak to your point about kids having the sparkle and adults losing it…i think the main reason we lose the light as adults is because we no longer believe in magic. I believe that in order to stay young at heart and hold onto that energetic light of life, we must keep our curiosity and awe for life intact. We must never stop exploring and playing. This is the key to Keeping the light, in my humble opinion.

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      1. I think you misunderstood my reply. I was speaking in general terms not of myself persnally. If you read the post and them read my comment you’ll understand


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