Have you ever had a premonition?  My premonitions usually come as dreams, but there have also been waking ones.  The first one I had when I was little.  It was a very life-like, disturbing dream.  Essentially, I dreamed that I had followed this little boy and then we were riding down the road in  pickup truck.  As we got to the bottom of the big hill, I saw that my family had been turned into giants, hung on crosses, and were dead.  All except my mom.  She was still struggling, moaning and crying.

We got out of the truck and the little boy went and looked into the woods.  He looked at me and shuddered as he said, “Ooh, I’m not going in there”.  I went into the woods, there I saw that the boy had been turned into a giant and was dead, as well.

I know that you must be wondering how in the world could that be a premonition.  Well, exactly two weeks later, my mom was wearing the same shirt that she was wearing in my dream.  It was white with flowers and blue trim on the sleeves and neckline.  That was the day that my father came home drunk, pissed in the bathtub, threw her into the bathtub, and then proceeded to beat her all the way down the hall until they were right in front of me.  He just kept punching her in the stomach and face.  No, she wasn’t a giant, but she was suffering.

The next premonition that I had was in May of 1997.  I was on a family trip to California and we had stopped to visit some family in New Mexico when I had the dream.  Funny, now I can’t remember too many details about it.  All I can remember is that the car had gone off of a bridge into the water and my husband was drowning.  I remember that it bothered me so bad that I wrote it down on toilet paper because I didn’t want to wake anyone up.  The next day I asked my father-in-law not to drive over any big bridges.  He said that we wouldn’t.

Again, reality wasn’t exactly like my dream, but too close if you ask me.  About two weeks later we were back at home and planned to go to a family reunion the next day.  The problem is that the next day, my husband died.  There was a fire in our apartment building.  He died from smoke inhalation and I literally heard him drowning in his own mucus that his body was producing because of the smoke.

I don’t like to have serious dreams.  The other night I dreamed about giant spiders and thousands of spiders crawling on me.  I don’t think I want to know what that means, if anything.  It’s probably nothing, but if you do see a spider, think of me.


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