Meander is an excellent word to describe what I do when I go shopping.  I meander up and down every isle; around and back again.  Not that I’m necessarily looking for products, just a friendly face to talk to.  Really, the only people to talk to here are the employees at the stores.  But, after three years of shopping; I think I have worn out my welcome.

Here lately, while I meander through the isles, I talk to myself about products.  Sometimes I try to get a nearby shopper to talk with me about the product, but you know, people are scared of people.

I think that it would be relaxing to go meandering on a trail in the woods.  Even though I’m supposed to be an adult, I would like to make up adventures in my mind while I was walking.  Protected under the shade of the trees, you can turn the woods into any scene in your mind that you would like.

Some of you might like to meander through a beautiful flower garden.  What an experience for your senses!  You could see the rainbow of colors and smell the enchanting perfume from the flowers.  Perhaps you might see butterflies or a few bees laboring away for their queen.

Children might love to meaner through a zoo.  Oh, what fun!  You get to see and learn about all different types of animals.  Maybe there is a petting zoo there and you can feel the animals or even feed them.  Petting zoos contain a variety of domestic animals.  Most of the animals in a petting zoo could be found on a farm.

You are invited to take a stroll today to meander in a place where you find comfort, peace, and joy.  Even if you have to meander through the internet.


via Daily Prompt: Meander


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